3 Minute Gaps full film: History Lesson

Clay Porter’s full film, 3 Minute Gaps, is a masterpiece of downhill racing documentary. Watch the full movie below and take a ride back in time.

The likes of Sam Hill, Danny Hart, Greg Minnaar, Andrew Neethling, Sam Blenkinsop and Brendan Fairclough tear it up in this classic Clay Porter movie that follows the World Cup downhill scene as it travels the globe.

3 Minute Gaps also goes behind the scenes and into the homes and lives of some of mountain biking’s greatest ever riders. The Athertons’ section at home in North Wales is bonkers — it’s always amazing to see the tracks that family has built all over the place (to see what they’re up to at their latest local, check out Dan’s Dyfi section from Tea & Biscuits). The film includes Athy’s savage neck injury — it’s pretty brutal but inspiring to see how he deals with it.

Some favourite venues in the film include Champéry (Switzerland), Windham (USA) and Maribor (Slovenia).

Another standout 3 Minute Gaps section has to be Aaron Gwin in his early days riding a Yeti (fast as f***, of course) on some steezy US tracks — scrubbing, whipping, squashing and boosting jumps, bumps and rollers.

Thanks to Echoboom Sports for hosting this film and others like it on their YouTube channel. And of course to Clay for making such a sport-defining movie!

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