Analog MTB Zine Issue 3: Read All About It

Analog MTB Zine is the creation of Jon Gregory, our longtime friend, ex-Dirt Magazine designer and the designer behind Deathgrip Book. Issue 3 sees the young talent Harry Schofield on the cover, with an interview inside. Read more below.

Analog MTB Zine started out as a bit of fun (now it’s a big bit of fun) when we launched our Zine Library in spring 2020. It was the coming-together of several things: we wanted to make a regular zine of some sort that was easy to produce and distribute; we wanted to make it as low cost as possible; we wanted it to be a bit different to the norm.

It wasn’t really planned, but it became pretty clear that Analog was the thing. Jon Gregory, Analog’s mastermind, has endless good ideas, creative energy and humour. Analog has pretty quickly become one of the products we are most proud of.

Its simplicity is genius (it only uses a single sheet of standard A4 printer paper), its illustrations inspired (‘Sitting on the Vlog’ in Issue 3 is a standout) and its features are brilliant. For such a small thing (once printed, trimmed and folded it’ll fit in the palm of your hand), it packs a lot of laughs into 16 micro pages.

We are very proud to have YT Industries supporting Issue 3 — they even did their own special advert for the zine, which we love.

Features in Issue 3 include:

/ Harry Schofield interview

/ Hater Blockers

/ Racing — The Inner Game

/ Sat on the Vlog

/ Dreamy Bikes

/ Porridge Loaf

You can download a copy now for free from the Analog MTB Zine page or, if you don’t have a printer, order one to your house for the price of postage (it’ll arrive as a sheet of A4 so you’ll still have the fun of putting it together).

Get a FREE copy of Analog MTB Zine

Many thanks to YT Industries

Analog MTB Zine
Analog MTB Zine
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