Bangers and Mash Niche MTB Video Awards 2020

With 2020 crashing to a fitting end, the time has come to have a look back and bask in the light of some of the finest videos of the year. This being Bangers and Mash, we’re not going to pick out the raddest, best-produced videos. Instead, entertainment and story sit high on our list. Welcome to the Bangers and Mash Niche MTB Video Awards.

— HG

Best Food Stuff Related Video

What more needs to be said about Joe Barnes and the Dudes of Hazzard, or Hazzard Racing, or is it Dudes of Racing Hazzard? Either way, if you are unsure what they’re about, think Wes Anderson meets mountain biking and you’re pretty much there. Merging eclectic soundtracks with axle-deep ruts, the Dudes’ edits never fail to entertain.

One thing I really admire about the Dudes is their motivation in even the filthiest of conditions. We’ve been subjected to some horrendous conditions in Boris Land recently, with most trails resembling rivers and staying drying when riding a long distant memory. Bikes are struggling, with more grit than grease in them, and rides can often be a bit of a chore, so seeing the dudes get after in the dirtiest conditions always gives me that little boost.

Just hold on tight, the sun will return one day, and I’ll be moaning that it is too hot.

Best Synth Infused Slideshow/Video

Yes, we’re back to the Free Rads. But for good reason. These guys capture mountain biking in a totally different way to almost anyone else and it’s magic. Their stories are highly relatable and latch onto what makes bike riding fun — messing around in the woods with friends.

It’s something that has been few and far between for me recently. As we enter another different flavour of lockdown here in the UK, we’ve had to refocus (again) what our riding is about. Truth be told, there hasn’t been much motivation, but videos like this serves as a timely remind for us all that bike riding is great and one day hacking around the woods and fitting five people in one hotel room will be the done thing.

Until then, I guess we will just keep on keeping our distance and washing our hands until we have no fingerprints left.

Best Freeriding Dad Video

Okay so this one isn’t that niche. But it is Thomas Vanderham.

What else needs to be said? From The Collective to Rampage and back via many different trails, Vanderham is an icon of the sport. I remember watching him when I just got into riding and trying to emulate his style as I boosted off a jump made of bricks and planks of wood.

I think 2021 might be the year to revive the bricks and planks jumps. They hold a special place for a lot of us and it’s amazing the hours one could kill hucking off sketchy constructions. Maybe we should have Rampage 2021 but all features have to be built out of planks of wood and bricks? I think I may encounter some resistance to that, so I’ll settle for introduction to the Hall of Fame.

Who’s with me?

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