Bragg on Bikes: B&M

There I was, hopping onto the tube (the virtual one not the London one) and up popped a new 50to01 edit. I couldn’t not click. Like a postman, the 50to01 crew always deliver and even more so this time, with Billy Bragg on the soundtrack and a fine looking fresh piece of trail being ridden.

You can’t knock a bit of BB, and I couldn’t resist having a think about what bike Old Bill would ride should he  partake in a bit of mountain biking. I think it would definitely be made from metal with some far out geometry. Probably a hardtail because no working man needs any of this rear suspension nonsense, and no doubt it would weigh close to a ton.  It would seem Billy is a man after my own heart (although I have rear suspension because, let’s be honest, I’m not a working man).

Aaaanyway, to get vaguely back on track, if Billy did ride his theoretical hardtail shred machine, you can be sure he’d be out having fun with the 50to01 crew.


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