Commencal DH Team Documentary: Weekend Watch

This Is Us – the Commencal DH team documentary – is THE film you are going to watch this weekend. On repeat. Follow Amaury Pierron, Myriam Nicole, Thibaut Daprela, Thomas Estaque and Hugo Frixtalon through their 2021 World Cup downhill seasons in this epic film by Gaetan Clary. 10/10


As far as we’re aware, this is one of the first times that a documentary has been made on an entire downhill season! And it’s far from just a season summary. It’s a total immersion and a somewhat intimate insight into the life of riders who are very dear to us! It’s touching to see the involvement of people behind the scenes. Touching to also see that success is not systematic, even with a lot of work, and to see the sacrifices made by these young riders. All this to succeed, to dream and above all, to make other people dream. For the first time, DH is not condensed into a few minutes broadcast on a race weekend. Come and take a look behind the scenes. Make yourself comfortable, turn the speakers up and watch the full hour and fifteen minutes! THIS IS US. Thanks to RedBull Media House for TV run footage. Riders: Amaury Pierron / Myriam Nicole / Thibaut Daprela / Thomas Estaque / Hugo Frixtalon Directed by: Gaetan Clary Sound design: Leo Lunel Photos: Nico Brizin / JB Liautard / Keno Derleyn

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