Commencal mullet DH bike gets Pierroned: Godspeed Award

The new Commencal mullet DH bike never saw this one coming: Amaury Pierron hitting up some Alpine tracks at double-XL speed. Pierron takes no prisoners, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Riding like this deserves an award — something even more prestigious than Pierron’s World Cup wins and titles. That’s why we’re giving Amaury our first Godspeed Award for Dangerously Fast Riding.

No, the award isn’t a real thing, but, nonetheless, we are going to award it. It’s not a UCI medal, but what’s better than a virtual award in this day and age, anyway? We feel that in a world of Instagram-fast edits, thin sidewalls, low pressures and t-bones, real good proper and honestly fast riding deserves an accolade.

We already make an Amaury Pierron t-shirt (thanks Amaury/Sven) and he’s on the front cover of Hurly Burly 2018. And now this, the fame and glory of a Hurly Burly Godspeed award, whatever that means.

What are we on about? Who knows. We’ve been discombobulated by the ludicrous riding on that Commencal mullet DH bike. We want more. Congrats Amaury and filmers Leon Perrin (also edit) and Gaetan Clary, you are true saviours in a world of fake-fast.

Check out the new Commencal bike

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