Dean Lucas talks to John Hall and Aaron Pelttari -
An Off track experience

Dean Lucas is just off the back of a 10th place finish at the last World Cup in Les Gets, but he’s also been spending time with some of the most interesting figures in WC racing, for his (relatively) new podcast called An Off Track Experience.

During Les Gets last weekend he sat down with John Hall and Aaron Pelttari, the mechanics for Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan.

“On this episode of the podcast I sit down with two of the most well know and charismatic mechanics on the world cup circuit. They are both lucky enough to be able to wrench at a world cup level and call it a full time job. Former team members and now good friends John Hall and Aaron Pelttari along with their riders Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan have racked up countless wins and overalls together in recent years. With ridicules speed week in and week out and floorless consistency out of both of these rides you always wonder how much of that comes from them and how much comes from the people they have around them making sure everything is dialled.

With our sport being won and lost by the smallest of margins every little bit counts so having complete faith in your mechanic and being able to work through a race weekend more efficiently might just give you that 1% you were looking for.

Lets see what they think.

Enjoy the chat!”

Well worth a listen.

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