Deck Chair Landing: B&M

In case you missed it, Trek recently released a new Session. It’s a new DH bike with a bang on trend high pivot that set the internet alight and, more interestingly, allowed all the Trek riders to finally show us the riding they’d been getting up to in the off season.

One of these riders is World Champion Reece Wilson, and the evidence would suggest the bike goes well.

I know, I know, it’s verging on a Vlog, but with no ‘Hey guys welcome to my channel’ drivel we’ll let this one pass. Furthermore, the riding in it is as good as it gets.

Whilst there’s a lot of clips of good riding to pick out (that drift), I want to focus in on the not so glamorous case at 3:00. Firstly, it’s good to see that the World Champion cases things as well. Granted, this isn’t the ten foot table we all are casing but it’s good to see that the world’s best are also human. 

What isn’t human about it, and what’s probably most impressive, is the way that Reece absorbs this case. Give it another watch and focus on his torso and head as he lands. They literally barely move. 99.9% of riders would have folded like a deck chair in the same situation. 

Evidently the training is paying off and I can’t wait to see what the racing brings.


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