DH 2019 World Cup Finals Snowshoe – Results

What a race. Snowhshoe delivered. Nail biting excitement in the men’s and the women’s.

1st: Danny Hart
2nd: Amaury Pierron
3rd: Charlie Harrison
4th: Loic Bruni
5th: Greg Minnaar
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1st: Marine Cabirou
2nd: Myriam Nicole
3rd: Veronika Widmann
4th: Tahnee Seagrave
5th: Tracey Hannah
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Junior Men
1st: Thibaut Daprela
2nd: Luke Meier-Smith
3rd: Lucas Cruz
4th: Matthew Sterling
5th: Janosch Klaus
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Junior Women
1st: Vali Höll
2nd: Anna Newkirk
3rd: Mille Johnset
4th: Mckenna Merten

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