Downtime Podcast: Latest episodes we have supported

We love a decent podcast. And they don’t come much better than Downtime Podcast. Presenter Chris Hall has a way with words – that is, he chooses them carefully and usually lets his guests do most of the talking, Hall only interjecting to lightly guide the narrative or bring some context when it’s needed. But at times, always perfectly on-cue, Downtime episodes also turn informal and ad-lib, disarming the guest and helping listeners get some insight into their life and character when they aren’t being a professional mountain biker or industry insider.

Jesse Melamed Downtime Podcast
Photo: Jesse Melamed by Marcus Riga

Supporting media outlets and individuals who we believe are doing things the right way has always been one of the goals of Misspent Summers, so it’s a pleasure to be in the position to now sponsor Downtime episodes every now and then. Recently, we’ve been able to get behind the Charles Murray episode (well worth a listen – now that’s how to do things) and the latest Jesse Melamed episode (what a role model). Give both of them a listen below and follow Downtime Podcast on social media etc. There’s some exciting stuff coming up soon.

Charles Murray Downtime Podcast interview:

Jesse Melamed Downtime Podcast interview:

We also had the honour of being invited on the podcast in 2020.

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