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If you’d told me in 2016 when I pressed GO on our first book, Hurly Burly, that in just a few short years we’d be at a point where we can support other media we think is quality and vital, I’d have fallen over laughing. I mean, I knew I wanted to read the sort of books we now make, and I knew a few friends who thought the same, but there was no way of really knowing if it’d be a success or just a fun passion project.

It turned out to be both. We sold enough to make a second book, and a third, fourth…

It all went surprisingly well.

Now, another landmark in our story. We are backing several episodes of the Downtime Podcast as a sponsor for the shows. It feels amazing to be able to support someone else’s venture.

We all love the Downtime Podcast. Chris, the presenter, is a class act. Although he comes across calm and relaxed, it is clear he has always done his homework and he lets the interviewee tell their story while he offers just the right amount of prompting to let their story flow free.

Check out below the two episodes we have supported so far. We’ll be back for more soon.

– James McKnight

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