Enduro World Series Zermatt 2020 – Video Bulletin

It’s been a testing week at Enduro World Series Zermatt, the first (only?) international race of the season.

As if attempting to run an event in 2020 wasn’t hard enough already, the weekend saw Zermatt battered by torrential rain and even snow. However, without getting too deep and meaningful, there’s sometimes a surprisingly thin line between despair and hope… The EWS crew finally managed to salvage something from what was clearly a challenging few days. 

Trackside highlights from a slightly windswept weekend of racing by Tommy C.

As the EWS themselves said in a much-relieved-sounding signoff to racing on their live feed, they really did have the odds stacked against them. While it’s easy to criticise from afar, you have to take your hat off to them for ensuring the show goes on.

Sunday’s racing was postponed, then delayed a little more, and it looked like racing might be shelved altogether. Thankfully, safety crew were able to get into strategic positions on the hill, making racing viable again, even if there was a little snow on the ground. 

Two stages were cut from the running order, leaving just two race stages (one of them shortened). But let’s face it, with racers having travelled from all over the continent and world it would have been a major shame if nothing had happened at all. Riders seemed to enjoy themselves in the muck and filth anyway.

Fingers crossed for some more racing action, if safe and feasible, soon.

Full Results here.

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