EWS Whistler 2019: Day One Results

Results are in from the first day of racing in Whistler EWS 2019. Day one had just one stage of racing, but being ‘The Top of the World’ stage it makes up a large portion of the full race. The women’s racing is super tight so far, with just over 30 seconds separating the top five. In the men’s Richie Rude put in a serious margin into the rest of the field, and with new names mixing it up, tomorrows racing is going to be exciting. 

1st: Isabeau Courdurier
2nd: Noga Korem
3rd: Andreane Lanthier Nadeau
4th: Katy Winton
5th: Miranda Miller

Full Results.

1st: Richie Rude
2nd: Shawn Neer
3rd: Joshua Carlson
4th: Matthew Walker
5th: Sam Hill