Forming Freeride: B&M

Last week Red Bull invited a bunch of top women riders into the desert to dig, ride and hang out. This was the second edition of Red Bull Formation and as expected, the girls stepped up and sent it.

Coverage has been fairly limited, with us fans having to rely on social media updates and a few photos, but from what I can see deserts were sculpted and lines were sent. Beta MTB have a good photo recap of the final day  for those who have no idea what I am talking about.  

One of the riders who was leading the charge out in the desert was Hannah Bergemann. Whilst we have no footage of here riding in the desert save for a few instagram clips, she featured in the launch video for the new Transition Patrol (riding starts at 2:28) demonstrating just how comfortable she is going huge.

Ahh, if only buying a Patrol would make me ride like that.


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