Jortling Along: B&M

If, for whatever reason, you’d forgotten how much fun riding bikes is, the video below will remind you. The simple pleasures of riding with friends in amazing places honestly can’t be rivalled.

There’s a strong showing for the Jort (Jean + Short) in this video and it’s sticking a big middle finger up at the super wicking, extra technical shorts were are all used to riding in. Evidently, we’ve been doing it wrong and Jorts are more fun.

I think, then, I’m going to create a new word (who gave me this power?!).

Enter stage right: Jortling


Okay granted, I’ll give you that I can’t officially invent words – I am not the dictionary (sadly) – but I think I can put forward a strong case for Jortling. If I was to define it I would say ‘riding bikes in Jorts whilst having infinite amounts of fun’ and the proof for this definition would be the video above. 

Not only does it sum up a feeling perfectly, it also rolls of the tongue nicely – “I’m just going for a Jortle” gives more context than “I’m just going for a ride” and if you hear someone describe a ride as ‘Jortling’ then you know it was a good one.

I’ll be waiting with bated breath for 2021’s Best Words to be announced and I look forward to seeing Jortling right up at the pointy end.


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