Life’s faster on a 26

Now then. Nostalgia is one thing, speed is another. But Peaty sums it all up at the end of this excellent video: you don’t need all the latest kit and most expensive whatnots – if you’re having fun, feeling fast and ripping around some quality turns then who cares if your bike’s 15 years past its sell-by date. Anyone else getting flashbacks to hucking Morzine’s 10% and having no brakes at the too-late-now moment when you really want to be cranking them before those massive holes? Ah, the good old days.

Watch Peaty take on his previous self, then go right back in time to Earthed 4 and see this very bike in action.

By the way, did we mention we’re making not one, not two, but THREE yearbooks in one year? How does that work? Who knows, but we are currently in the process of finding out. Bundle pre-launch next week for the most avid yearbook collectors. Cheers.

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