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Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #10 — The Science-Fiction Edition

It’s all about the numbers. 

We’ve employed the services of a top quantum-scientologist for this week’s mtb quiz. Mr Viscous Laboratory has compiled 20 variously precise questions to test your knowledge of everything from downhill World Cup statistics to gravitational problematics.

We wish you good luck and beg you don’t hold us responsible for any non-factual facts.


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1. Why does a heavy rider roll faster downhill? Take the Fort William World Cup 'Motorway' section as an example. (Assuming the two riders are on similar bikes, in similar riding kit, on the same section of straight track, above 20km/h, no pedalling.) Which of these is the most important factor:

Troy Brosnan by Boris Beyer. Shot for Hurly Burly 2019.
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But it doesn’t mean heavy riders always win: there are so many other factors to take into account such as corners, braking distance, technical sections, jumps, etc. Velo News put together this extensive article explaining the science.

2. Loic Bruni won the 2019 DH World Cup in Leogang with a time of 3:16.132, just 0.324s ahead of Greg Minnaar. At his average speed of 39.849km/h, how far ahead would Loic have been if they had raced side by side?

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Read more in Eliot Jackson's Data Check on Page 101 of Hurly Burly 4. And if you like getting geeky, you can check out Eliot's website World Cup Stats

3. It's the rider who wins the race, but which bike (frame brand) was most successful and took the most DH World Cup podiums (all categories) in 2019?

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Troy Brosnan, Kye A'Hern and Anna Newkirk were super-consistent and helped Canyon take 17 podium spots. Second was Commencal with 16 podiums and a gazillion riders. Joint third were Santa Cruz and YT with 12 podiums each.

4. Each downhill World Cup race run has four split times before the final finish time. ‘Sector’ times are the times between each split marker, telling us who is fastest on a certain section of the course. Loic Bruni won the men’s overall in 2019, but he was only fastest through four sectors in the entire season. Which male rider was fastest in the most World Cup sectors in 2019?

Loic Bruni by Sven Martin. Shot for Hurly Burly 2019.
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Greenland went fastest in sector 4 at Les Gets and sectors 2,3,4 & 5 at Val di Sole. Hart had four fastest sectors during the season and Minnaar had three. Pierron went fastest in an amazing 12 sectors through the season. Check out the results sections in Hurly Burly 4.

5. In Brandon Semenuk's latest video, 'Cascade', how many tailwhip shots do we see?

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Watch his smooth style, count 'em and weep knowing you'll never be that good.

6. Which round of the 2019 Enduro World Series had the most vertical descent in metres?

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The World Stage book has stats for every round. Les Orres had 4,017m of descending. Whistler had 3,771m. Zermatt 2,874m. Val di Fassa 2,677m.

7. Before his win at the Val di Sole downhill World Cup in 2019, how many times had Laurie Greenland been on the elite DH podium at that venue?

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Laurie was second at the 2018 World Cup, second at the 2016 World Champs and he won as a junior in 2015, but the question was for elite podium.

8. Which of these truths about bike setup is actual fact?

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Cos science is real. The other three are rubbish.

9. How long does it take to drive the 632km from Melbourne to the Australian Enduro World Series venue at Derby?

Remi Gauvin by Sebastian Schieck. Shot for The World Stage 2019.
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Tasmania is an Australian island 435km off the coast on Melbourne. You have to take a ferry, and they are sloooooowww. Well worth it though, check out Troy Brosnan on the trails.

10. Which of these parts can an Enduro World Series racer replace during an event without fear of a penalty?

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Five stickers are applied to each racer’s bike before competition starts: fork crown, swingarm/rear triangle, front triangle and both wheel rims. Replacing one of these items may result in a three-minute penalty or even disqualification.

11. On August 10, 2020, Claudio Caluori attempted the world’s first #keneveresting charity challenge. Everesting is usually a climb of 8,848m, the equivalent height of Mount Everest. Basically, he wanted to see how much climbing and descending he could do in one day on his Specialized Kenevo. How much did he manage to do?

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Some stats from Claudio: Total Riding time: 11h 23min / 12 downhill runs on the Never End Trail (Laax, Switzerland) / 12 climbs of ca. 8km and 1,125 vertical metres / 3h of pure downhill in one day / 7h of pure climbing in one day / 13,500 vertical metres of climbing and descending / Downhill runs were between 14 and 15 minutes each / Climbing time was between 33 to 38 minutes per run / Climb number 12 was the fastest! / An average of ca. 8 minutes per pit stop: battery swap, bike check, food and drinks.

12. Enduro World Series race winners are decided by which formula?

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There are points for winning the Queen Stage at each race, but otherwise it’s all about overall time. Sam Hill won the 2019 EWS Overall, but he didn’t win any races and he only won seven out of 48 stages during the season.

13. In 2019, how many Enduro World Series Pro race winners were not on 29-inch wheel(s)?

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Isabeau Courdurier was the only rider to win an EWS race on a 650b bike. Everyone else was on a 29er or 650/29 Mullet. Although she did also win on a 29, proving it's more than just wheel size.

14. Which of these may actually be the secret to Loic Bruni's insane speed?

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Jean-Pierre Bruni has won the Master’s DH World Championships an unbelievable nine times! Loic only has four elite and one junior World Champs titles — he’s got some catching up to do. Check out Papa Bruni's race history here.

15. If there was a downhill race on the moon, with riders in space suits, what would it be like?

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The gravitational pull of the moon is about 1/6th as strong as earth, so objects appear to be lighter and fall more slowly with less speed to be gained from gravity. There would also be much less grip, making for lots of wheel spin in the dry moon-dust, and then there would be no grip to slow down for corners! You would also have to lean over much more in the corners, if you did manage to slow down at all. But there is no atmosphere on the moon, so at least a heavy rider would not freewheel any faster than a light rider (see question 1). On the other hand, riders would be able to jump really high, so it might be good for slopestyle. Basically, lots of bouncing, whooping, crashing and overshooting turns. Sounds great. It would also be impossible steer a bike, learn more about space bike handling here.

16. Fox Racing Shox has a new lab for testing forks and shocks. What is a typical test they put a fork or shock through before it gets approved?

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Yep they sometimes run a simulation of a continuous 72 hours at race pace on the Maribor DH racecourse. At a race time of around 3 minutes, that is 1,440 race runs. Heck of a weekend’s riding, that. More about their testing process in this video.

17. Canyon just released the new 2021 Sender CFR downhill bike. What wheel sizes is it sold with?

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Small and medium sizes come with 27.5"/29" wheels. Large and X-Large are 29"/29". More info on the Canyon Sender CFR here.

18. Giant recently launched the new Trance-X long-travel 29er. What's the head angle on that, mate?

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Giant says, 'A flip chip on the Advanced Forged Composite rocker arm of the Maestro suspension system lets you choose a steeper or slacker head and seattube angle depending on your riding style and terrain.' More info on the Trance-X here.

19. The recently released RockShox Zeb fork is a burly 38mm rock-smashing beast that promises DH performance in a single crown package. What's the longest travel version currently available?

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Available in 160, 170, 180 and 190 mm for both 27.5" and 29" wheel sizes. More info here.

20. Schwalbe just released the updated range of MTB tyres for 2021. The brand now has five (yes five) different casing options to cover all types of riding. Which one is intended for enduro racing?

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