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Misspent Summers Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #3

Think your mountain bike knowledge is above average?

The average score last week in Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #2 was 9.58 points out of 20.

Let us know if you think it’s too easy — we’ll be impressed. But we’ll only believe you if you get 20/20.

Give the quiz a spin and let us know how you get on.

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1. What is the chainstay length on the newly-launched 2021 Commencal Meta AM 29 bike?

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Of course it is 433mm. Click here to see the new bike in all it's glory.

2. Orbea’s Rallon 29 has how much rear travel?

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Tough one, it's got 160mm rear and 170mm in the front. If this is your next bike, make sure you check out their customisation builder. It's rad!

3. Which of these is not a mountain bike company:

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You are Forbidden from coming to the Kingdom, there is no Remedy unless you have an Antidote.

4. What year did Sam Blenkinsop take his first World Cup win on the legendary Schladming, Austria, track?

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A fresh faced Sam Blenkinsop took his first win all the way back in 2008. Watch it here.

5. This CE-certified helmet by Cratoni features many innovations such as a removeable chin guard and peak, optional jockey-style rain cover and rear light. How much does the company say its helmet weighs?

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Yikes. That is light. Cratoni says “Go wild! No problem with the C-MANIAC – the chin strap gives you that extra protection.” To see for yourself check it out here.

6. What is the name of these MTB goggles by 100%?

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It's Racecraft, and a fine pair of goggles too.

7. Which Formula 1 driver suffered a fractured shoulder while mountain biking in 2010?

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It's reported that many F1 drivers ride bikes in their off seasons, but it was Mark Webber who fractured his shoulder back in 2010

8. What is the name of the suspension system used by Marin Bikes on its Mount Vision bike?

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It's Naild R3ACT — 2 Play. A suspension system that's used by Marin and Polygon.

9. Greg Minnaar is the king of Fort William with a ludicrous seven World Cup wins there. In what year was his first win at the Scottish venue?

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He took his latest win in 2017, but claimed his first all the way back in 2004. Minnaar is the GOAT

10. What is Steve Peat’s best elite finish in an Enduro World Series race?

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A top 10 finish for Steve Peat all the way back in 2013 in Val d'Allos and his team mate Greg Minnaar finished on the podium. 2013 Val d'Allos results are here.

11. In her incredible 2015-16-17 winning streak, Rachel Atherton won two World Championships. How many World Cup rounds did she win in a row?

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Yep, unbeaten for 14 consecutive wins. Winning six rounds in 2015, seven in 2016 and the opening round in 2017. Check out Eliot Jackson's website World Cup Stats to get really geeky.

12. The Enduro World Series has raced across the globe since its start in 2013. How many French riders have won Pro Men’s races?

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That's right there's six different French men to win an EWS.  Bonus question: Can you name them all?

13. Two British riders have won a World Cup Cross-country Eliminator race. Annie Last is one, who is the other?

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It was Kenta Gallagher, he's not just known for his solid WC results and British Pie appearances. Kenta won the Nove Mesto Cross-Country Eliminator back in 2013.

14. Danny MacAskill hops from the train platform to train track in the video below. How many attempts has he revealed it took him to get the shot?

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Danny said this trick was made a lot easier using a mountain bike, the suspension helped soak up the impact of landing and stopped him bouncing off... but admited it still took 100 attempts. Read the full interview here.

15. Which bike was Brook Macdonald riding when he won the Junior World Championship title in 2009?

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Brook took the gold medal back in Canberra, 2009 aboard his Ancillotti DHP.

16. Where and when did Eddie Masters win his first EWS?

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After a stellar performance in Val di Fassa (4th) Eddie decided to change his plans, opting to race the EWS in Les Orres, France, instead of the World Cup in Andorra. He We're bet he's glad he did. You can read all about the 2019 EWS season in The World Stage III.

17. Cross-country Short Track is known by which acronym?

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Did you get it? See what your name is as an ancronym.

18. Who is dressed as Freddie Mercury on the rear cover of Hurly Burly 2019?

Hurly Burly 4 misspent summers midweek quiz mtb geek copy
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It was Loris Mercury showing us his teeth, you can see it here.

19. Which two of the below riders are sponsored by Australian clothing company DHaRCO?

Please select 2 correct answers

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Connor Fearon and Kyle Strait both ride forDHaRCO.

20. Have you watched Tea & Biscuits yet?

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Of course you have, but have you got our T&B zine, Served?

Misspent Summers Midweek Geek Quiz #3
Thanks for playing. Here's a 10% discount code for our store: 'geektastic'

Thanks for playing. Here's a 10% discount code for our store: 'geektastic'

Thanks for playing. Here's a 10% discount code for our store: 'geektastic'

Thanks for playing. Here's a 10% discount code for our store: 'geektastic'

Can’t see the answers? Make sure you’ve answered all the questions, you might’ve missed that we require two answers for question 19.

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