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Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #5 — DH, XC, Enduro, Tech, Difficult

OK, we’re five weeks in and these things ain’t getting any easier (sorry).

If you are proud or ashamed of your MTB knowledge, share the quiz with your friends (see foot of page for Facebook sharing) and see how they get on. You might feel better for it…

This week we’ve got a mix of downhill, cross-country, enduro and tech. Some questions might seem hard at first, but read the answers carefully and you might be able to work them out.

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Good luck.

1. Which of these riders won three Les Gets downhill World Cup races in a row in 1998-2000?

Loic Bruni les gets 2019 Loic Bruni, Les Gets 2019. Sven Martin photo.
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It's amazing to look back at the race times from this era. In 1999 Chausson's winning time was over eight minutes. In 2000 it was barely more than three. Check the stats on Roots & Rain.

2. France's Kevin Miquel had a strong and consistent 2019 Enduro World Series season, finishing third in the series overall. What bike brand was he riding in 2019?

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Miquel raced smart and fast, only finishing outside the top-10 on two occasions (Madeira and Whistler) and he was inside the top-five three times (Rotorua, Tasmania and Zermatt).

3. Which of these is NOT an old-school mountain bike film?

old mountain bike film
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Treat yourself and watch Pulp Traction from 1995.

4. GT's Noga Korem finished in the top-three at four Enduro World Series races in 2019 and finished second overall in the series. What country is she from?

Noga Korem MTB Noga Korem, Northstar 2019 by Boris Beyer.
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Korem has had a successful career on two wheels, having raced in top-tier XC, Crankworx and Enduro World Series events. Check out her Instagram page

5. Which of these racers helped organise the recent iXS Cup Test Session in Schladming, Austria, that brought top racers together for the first time against the clock in 2020?

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There's no Wynning or losing at a test event — great to see Masters doing his bit for the downhill scene in this tough year for professional sport.

6. This is a very big flat pedal. Who makes it?

Pedaling Innovations MTB pedals
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Pedaling Innovations says these badboys, their Catalyst pedals, give you more power, better efficiency and less pain. They also give you an enormous amount of swagger — bigger is better, isn't it? Read about them on Big Chaps distribution

7. You've seen Danny Hart's ridiculous Champéry 2011 DH World Champs winning run on a bike with funny little wheels (how does he get down the hill with wheels that small?). But who was commentating alongside Rob Warner?

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Warner and Nigel Page's screaming is almost as unforgettable as Hart's bonkers race run. Here's another:

8. What did Nina Hoffmann lose on her Vallnord 2019 DH World Cup race run?

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This is what finishing your run with only one shoe looks like:

9. The Scale to the Spark is the Alma to the…?

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If you didn't get it, we were looking for the full suspension XC bike made by Orbea. Too difficult? Orbea bikes

10. Which Australian runs 23 Degrees Sports Management and has managed Trek World Racing, Global Racing, Team G-Cross Honda, and currently manages The YT Mob?

23 degrees sports management
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Whiteley has had an immense impact on the sport of downhill, from running teams to managing riders and organising events.

11. What is the name of Trek Factory Racing Cross-country's Jolanda Neff’s latest YouTube series?

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Neff's YouTube videos are kicking off — as is XC racing. The sport is drawing massive interest as the courses get even more technical and the racing closer than ever.

12. RockShox has just launched a new single-crown fork with 38mm stanchions and up to 190mm travel. What is it called?

Rockshox logo
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The new fork is surely going straight to the top of RockShox's most popular list? Beefier, lots of travel options, and Sam Hill has one. RockShox ZEB

13. This is Connor Fearon. Corners fear him. Rocks hear him coming and hide. What city is the full-commitment rider from?

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Fearon is one of our faves. What a bloody amazing bike handler. And a humble bloke, too.

14. Little Bellas, an organisation empowering young women through cycling, was founded by which American XC Olympian?

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Read about Little Bellas

15. Which of these riders did NOT win any Enduro World Series rounds in 2019?

MTB Quiz Misspent Summers MTB 1 Ed Masters, Les Orres 2019 by Sebastian Schieck
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Hill rode a consistent season to take his third EWS title but missed out on a win.

16. Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjaa won the 2018 Vallnord XC World Cup at what age?

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How hardcore is that? GRDF deserves a medal — although she's probably got enough of those already. A phenomenal athlete and one of the sport's most decorated and impressive careers.

17. What is the total maximum number of pins in a pair of Crankbrothers Mallet DH pedals?

Crankbrothers logo
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Eight adjustable pins on each side of two pedals = 32. But they still aren't flat pedals.

18. This is the Butcher tyre. Who makes it?

MTB quiz Misspent Summers 2
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Specialized makes the Butcher and a host of other tyres.

19. Which Scottish pro BMX rider is this?

MTB quiz Misspent Summers 1
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Kyle's edit for Endura (from 2019) is bonkers. A different way of riding a trail bike, done really well. We like.

20. Which ex-Dirt Magazine designer makes our free monthly zine, Analog?

Analog Zine
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Greggers is our Dood of Doodles. Download a free copy of Analog and print it at home. New Issue out very soon. Get Analog zine

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