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Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #6 — DH, XC, Enduro, Tech, Difficult

After a first-ever 20/20 was scored last week, we went back to the drawing board and decided these things need to be harder. Or more obscure. But also easier in places ‘cos no one likes losing all the time. In the end, we made it really incredibly easy. You deserve a holiday after all.

You’ll find a mix of racing, tech, historical, media and pro rider based questions in this week’s quiz. We hope you enjoy it.

If you are proud or ashamed of your MTB knowledge, share the quiz with your friends (see foot of page for Facebook sharing) and see how they get on.

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1. Martin Maes is an incredible talent capable of wins at the highest level in both downhill and enduro disciplines. How old was the Belgian when he took the fourth-fastest overall time at the first-ever Enduro World Series race in 2013?

Martin Maes EWS Martin Maes, Whistler 2018 by Boris Beyer
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Almost unbelievably, Maes was barely 16 when he stuck it to pros twice his age and experience in raging his way to a top-five at the first-ever EWS at Punta Ala Trail Center, Italy. Check Martin's stats on Roots & Rain.

2. Maes rides for GT Bicycles' Factory Racing team. What brand of bike was he on at that first-ever Enduro World Series race in 2013?

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Maes was brought onto the international scene with the help of the Atherton family, who were using GT bikes at the time. Fun fact: Maes raced on flat pedals at EWS Punta Ala. His Spoke Tales video is a great insight into the man who can.

3. Cranked issue 21 goes back to the future with an article from 1999 featuring Brett Tippie. What was the term used to describe Tippie and his fellow Rocky Mountain freeriders Wade Simmons and Richie Schley?

Misspent Summers MTB quiz 6 Cranked Issue 21
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The trio helped shape non-competitive pro mountain biking into what it is today. Read their Hall of Fame entry. Get Cranked #21.

4. Which cross-country racer became the first Brazilian to win a mountain biking World title at the 2018 Marathon Championships in Italy?

Brazil flag
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Henrique Avancini is the real deal and a big-time sports star at home in Brazil — and rightly so.

5. Point1Athletic's Chris Kilmurray contributes words of wisdom to our downhill yearbooks. But which ex-Morzine resident does the Irishman coach?

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Seagrave and her brother Kaos were regulars on the Morzine slopes before the family relocated back to the UK. Here's Kilmurray talking shapes and settings with Fox:

6. Alpe d'Huez is famous for hosting a Megavalanche race. Which of these islands also hosts a regular Megavalanche?

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Video: 'Angry Welsh Man Does Megavalanche'

7. Trek's 2020 Top Fuel bike is touted as a screaming-fast trail bike for sprinting and shredding 'stuff that scares XC riders' (Trek). How much rear-wheel travel does it have?

Misspent Summers MTB quiz 6
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Trek's full marketing spiel says 'Rides XC. And the stuff that scares XC riders.' Classic. Although we can't remember having ever seen Nino Schurter or Jolanda Neff looking scared — modern XC racers are hard as nails. Trek Top Fuel.

8. The Enduro World Series is due a return to Chile in November 2020 (fingers crossed) for the rescheduled Farellones round. When the series visited Lo Barnechea in 2018, how many race stages were there?

Sam Hill EWS Sam Hill, Lo Barnechea 2018 by Sebastian Schieck
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The venue is different but the stage is set for another incredible race. Remember this Sam Hill moment from 2018?

9. Parachute. Switchblade. ___________.

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Are these questions obscure enough? Na, didn't think so. We'll make them harder next week.

10. In 2016, Danny Hart won three downhill World Cup races and the World Championships. Who won the men's DH World Cup series?

Danny Hart Vallnord Andorra Danny Hart, Vallnord 2016 by Sven Martin
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Although Hart stole the show with his amazing wins and run of form in the second half of the season, Gwin quietly attacked all season long. Two wins, three second places and a fourth (plus a throwaway result in Vallnord) were enough to ensure Gwin took the series title. Buy Hurly Burly 1 (£15).

11. Where did Veronique Sandler help build the 'Vision Line' in her 2019 Vision Movie project?

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Have a vlog:

12. Who is the cover star on our 2017 Enduro World Series book, The World Stage?

Enduro World Series book The World Stage book.
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Hill is the main man. Check out The World Stage book.

13. Photographer Sterling Lorence has shot some of mountain biking's most memorable freeride images. Where is he from?

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If you didn't get that one... well, you should have watched the video. Sterling is a super nice guy and has an incredible eye for the shot. The video below from our friends at Freehub Mag is worth a watch:

14. What is the clothing brand of Instagram star and Cannondale Waves team member Max Nerurkar?

Cannondale magazine 5001 Max's 'Can of Waves' zine.

15. Amaury Pierron received our first Godspeed Award for Dangerously Fast Riding in his recent Commencal bike launch video. Where was the advert filmed?

Misspent Summers MTB quiz

16. In which Swiss town is the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) headquarters?

Misspent Summers MTB quiz 1

17. Where was the London 2012 Olympic XC course situated?

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18. This is a tyre made by Bontrager. What model is it?

Misspent Summers MTB quiz 6
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Alright, that one was pretty hard. Check out the tyre.

19. What length stem did Steve Peat use on his Kona Hei Hei Titanium race bike in 1994, as featured in Dirt Magazine issue 73?

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The magazine reference is kind of weird, isn't it? Well, we just happened to be looking back at a feature, so there. Wrong year, but here's Peaty at it on a rigid in '93:

20. What is the model name of the bike featured in the 'Dreamy Bikes' section of Analog Zine Issue 3?

Misspent Summers MTB quiz 3 Analog MTB Zine Issue 3.
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And what a bike it was. Can you list some of the riders who piloted one to World Cup success back in the day? Get your FREE copy of Analog zine here.

Misspent Summers Midweek Geek MTB Quiz #6
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