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Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #7 — Old School Tech, Racing, Freeride, Pink Jumper

Alright. This isn’t getting easy any time soon. Sorry. We try, but one idea leads to another and before we know it we’re asking questions about magazine-sponsored riders from the nineties.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this week’s quiz. We might do a super-easy one soon with some prizes. Stay tuned.

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1. Who officially won the unofficial long jump contest during practice at the Les Gets 2019 downhill World Cup?

downhill book les gets Hurly Burly Book 2019
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Calling this official might be a long shot (geddit?), but Bruce Klein hit it big at something like 86 feet off the wooden kicker mid-course.

2. Vali Höll will — or should — be racing her first elite downhill season in 2020. The Austrian sensation wiped the floor clean in her two seasons as a junior, claiming the World Champion and World Cup series titles both years. In which ski resort did Höll grow up?

Misspent Summers quiz 3 Vali Höll by Sebastian Schieck, as seen in Hurly Burly
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Höll's talent is frankly terrifying — or it should be for her competitors as she has already posted times as a junior that would have challenged the very top elites.

3. 50to01 recently introduced its ride wear, soon to be launched for sale, as modelled by a number of the crew in the launch video. Which 50to01 member scored a silver medal at the 2008 Junior DH World Championships?

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Dale brought it home in second, just behind his great pal and future 50to01 comrade, el Rat. Here's Sambo in his other gig:

4. Kate Courtney had an impressive 2019 cross country season, becoming the first American to win an XC World Cup series since Alison Dunlap in 2002. But how old was Courtney when she won the elite XC World Championships in 2018?

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Courtney killed it in her first year as an elite.

5. What was race winner Cécile Ravanel’s total combined racing time after all eight stages of the arduous Olargues 2018 Enduro World Series event?

Misspent Summers quiz Cécile Ravanel by Boris Beyer, as seen in The World Stage 2
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Olargues was arguably one of the most gruelling EWS races in the history of the series. Just the place for Ravanel to shine — er, like everywhere else.

6. Celebrity wheeled-vehicle enthusiast and avid mountain biker Guy Martin has a range of bike cleaning products available as water-soluble capsules to reduce single-use plastic and transportation emissions. What is the brand called?

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Hear it from the man himself. Proper stuff, that:

7. Scott’s proprietary remote suspension settings adjustment, TwinLoc, has three positions. What is the middle mode called?

Scott TwinLoc Misspent Summers
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Scott's system perhaps hasn't set the world on fire, but it's got more refined as the years have gone by (with fewer loops of cable all over the place) and it works a treat. Read all about TwinLoc.

8. Mountain Biking UK Magazine has been around since the early days of the sport and has long been an integral part of the UK scene. It has supported many top and up-and-coming racers in its time. Which of the following was NOT sponsored by MBUK?

MBUK Magazine Misspent Summers
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Jones is Dirt through and through! (And now Electric Mountain Bike Network, too.) Steve Jones.

9. Which of these YouTube mountain bike channels has the biggest following?

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Milner's simple but alluring 'Dream Build' videos have gathered enormous viewing figures.

10. The brand Ritchey Logic has been making products for over 40 years. What is the first name of its founder?

11. What was the name of the historic race that took place on 26 occasions in Fairfax, CA?

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Here's some must-watch clunking action:

12. What brand made this classic bike?

Misspent Summers quiz
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Klein's Mantra was a whacky shape and reportedly didn't work too well... but it looked cool, right?

13. Which of the following is a classic hardtail frame by Cove Bikes?

Misspent Summers quiz _0018_Cove Bikes Skull logo
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Here's Stevie Smith riding a Cove in his timeless 'Seasons' film section:

14. Legendary BMX and MTB racer Toby Henderson founded which of these companies?

Toby Henderson MTB components
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Henderson still shreds on a bike and clearly loves MTB and BMX.

15. Which multiple-times MTB World Champion took second place at the infamous Chateau d’Oex downhill World Championships in 1997?

16. Who helped shape the UK scene when they were still a child through working with their family to run the Welsh Dragon Downhill Series?

Dragon Downhill Welsh MTB
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The Carpenter family was instrumental in taking British downhill to heady new heights — the Dragon series was undeniably the beginnings of 'real' downhill on Brit soil. Here's what BikePark Wales looked like before it was BikePark Wales:

17. Where did Steve Peat first win a DH World Cup round?

Steve Peat Misspent Summers quiz Steve Peat by Sven Martin, as seen in Hurly Burly 1

18. Andreu Lacondeguy is one of the most talented all-round riders on two wheels. How many times has he won Red Bull Rampage?

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The definition of speed and style:

19. What is the model name of this tyre?

Misspent Summers quiz
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WTB's Convict 'epitomizes the toothy tread and robust features of a truly aggressive gravity tire', according to the company. Check it out.

20. Our marshmallow-pink logo sweater is made for the specific style requirements of which Misspent Summers team member?

misspent summers simple logo sweater
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You need more pink in your life. Always go pink.

Misspent Summers Midweek Geek MTB Quiz #7
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