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Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #8 — 2020 racing, Vans, Col du Galibier and Monster Mugs

Yep, you’re right, we have made it difficult again.

Last week a lot of you knew who won the unofficial long jump in Les Gets, but not so many could recall Cécile’s overall average time from Olargues. OK, that was hard.

The MTB Geek Quiz #8 might be easier. We hope you enjoy it all the same.


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1. Crankworx has just launched a ‘Summers Series’ of racing at three venues in British Columbia. Where are the events being held (select three)?

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Okay, that was a tough first question. No Whistler this year, it is an invite only event and without spectators. It's underway as we speak and will continue for the next three weeks, keep up to date here.

2. Which of these riders is NOT on the start list for the first round of Crankworx’s Summer Series?

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Unfortunately we don’t get to see Brandon Semenuk in action at the Crankworx Summer Series, but we can assume he’ll be working on something mind-blowing like this classic video.

3. There are four separate races at each round of the Crankworx Summer Series, and enlisted riders will take part in every race. These include downhill, enduro and Air Downhill. What is the other discipline?

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Dual Rules! If you want proof, watch this.

4. Which pro rider recently tackled the famous Col du Galibier (France) road climb on a downhill bike?

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The Wildman Wyn Masters is no stranger to pedalling up big mountains, but on his GT Fury? Impressive.

5. What tyre brand recently signed UK pinner Joel Anderson?

Joel Anderson by Ben Winder, as seen in Served Zine
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Joel and Connor Macfarlane joined Olly Wilkins on the Goodyear Wingfoot Global Alliance, releasing this bonkers video with Joel and Connor.

6. How much rear wheel travel does Specialized’s current Enduro 29 have?

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29” wheels and 170mm of travel front and rear, this thing looks like it’s been built to go fast. You can find out more about it here.

7. Which of these brands does not sell an electric mountain bike?

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It’s Kingdom, and they make beautiful Titanium bikes. We caught up with Chris a few years ago to talk about all things Kingdom. They are still eeb-less.

RideAbout w/Kingdom Bike - Titanium Dream Machines from Misspent Summers on Vimeo.

8. What was the model name of the mountain bike shoe made by Vans (discontinued)?

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The Gravel was made for a few years, complete with a waffle sole. HB contributor Ric McLaughlin talks us through them a while back.

9. Brook Macdonald just got back on a downhill bike following a prolonged recovery from a nasty broken back sustained in 2019. Where did the accident happen?

Brook Macdonald by Sebastian Schieck, as seen in Hurly Burly 2018
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It was at Mont-Sainte-Anne at the World Championships, Brook has been making an incredible recovery so far. Follow his recovery on his Instagram, the Bulldog is one tough cookie.

10. What is the name of Fox Racing Shox’s dropper seatpost?

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Can you remember the days without dropper posts? Here’s an interesting video about making one at home.

11. Which Enduro World Series team do Melvin Pons, Dimitri Tordo and Loris Revelli ride for?

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Here’s world number four Tordo and his boss, Fabien Barel, giving it some.

12. Finnish pinner Matti Lehikoinen rides for Pole Bicycles and manages the brand’s enduro team. But where did he first win a downhill World Cup, one of two wins during his career?

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Here’s that win as seen in Earthed 4, Death or Glory, by Alex Rankin.

13. Which downhill World Cup venue had the fastest recorded speed through the official speed trap (according to UCI results sheets) in a finals race run during the 2019 series, at 67.395km/h?

Hurly Burly, The Downhill Yearbook
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Is Lenzerheide really the fastest track on the circuit? Well, riders told us they were recording around 80km/h on their own systems at Les Gets. But the speed trap is of course subject to where it is placed on-course and how accurate it is… Nonetheless, of course it was none other than Amaury Pierron who took the #1.

14. Yoann Barelli recently announced he will be stepping away from a full schedule of enduro racing to set up his own company. Which of these services is he already offering through Barelli Concepts?

Yoaan Barelli by Sven Martin
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Barelli is one of the most entertaining pro riders of the moment and his ‘Into the Gnar’ masterclasses are sure to be worth signing up for (if you live in Canada). Check out Barelli’s website.

15. What was Josh Bryceland’s highest* result in the 2018 Enduro World Series? *best

Josh Bryceland by Boris Beyer
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Bryceland raced several events in the 2018 EWS season and took some highly respectable stage finishes including a fourth and a second at the Manizales round where he placed 18th.

16. Which of these three tread patterns is a Maxxis Shorty?

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Loam saws?

17. Val di Sole is respected as one of the toughest downhill courses on the World Cup circuit. How many DH World Cup races have been held at VDS?

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Aaron Gwin ‘needs a check-up from the neck up’.

18. When and where did the multi-talented Mathieu Van der Poel first win an XCO World Cup race?

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The Dutchman seems able to win in pretty much any discipline. And, he’d like to race enduro if he could find the time…

19. Morgane Charre is an ex-downhill World Champion and one third of the 2019 enduro Trophy of Nations winning team. (An even bigger achievement is that she works for Misspent Summers on our downhill and enduro yearbooks.) What team is she riding for in 2020?

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Charre is on the team alongside Kerr, Masters, Siegenthaler and Walker. Keep your eyes on the Enduro World Series when it (hopefully) gets going at the end of August.

20. Who designed our Misspent Monster Mug?

Misspent Summers Monster Mug
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Greggers is everywhere at the moment. We have to say thanks to him for the top work. Hope you’ll enjoy a cuppa from this mug once you own one. Here’s a special discount code for £2 off retail price: ‘2offmonster’ Get yours here.

Misspent Summers Midweek Geek MTB Quiz #8
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