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Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #9 — Handmade Bikes in NYC, World Records and VHS

Are you going to be the Midweek MTB Geek Quiz #9 master? We’ve made it tough, but not impossible. Try your luck with this week’s quiz and challenge your mates (Facebook sharing below). 

You’re going to need to know about NYC handmade bikes, race stats and world records. Screenshot your score and let us know how you’ve done via your favourite social media channels — we might even select you for a spot prize.

Enjoy MTB Geek Quiz #9!


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1. Finn Iles looked like he was on for a good finals result at the Maribor DH World Cup round in 2019 until he slipped out and hit the ground, scuppering his chances of a podium. But in what position did he qualify that weekend?

Finn Iles by Boris Beyer. Shot for Hurly Burly 2019.
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Finn occasionally pushes to the limits and waaaay beyond. He's always impressive to watch.

2. Winning a downhill World Cup race is no easy feat, but winning by 13.58 seconds is almost unbelievable. Who won the 1999 downhill World Cup in Kaprun, Austria, by 13.58 seconds?

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Anne-Caroline Chausson dominated the sport throughout the 90s and early 2000s, going on to win Enduro World Series events and even a BMX Olympic gold medal in Beijing, China. Anne has also had her own personal battle with cancer; learn more about her incredible journey in this video by Bike Magazine.

3. The Athertons are one of the most successful families in cycling. They have their own race team, bike brand and bike park. What is the name of their bike park that re-opened last weekend?

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EASY! Of course it's Dyfi Bike Park. And what a masterpiece it is. The trails are amazing, the jumps huge and the whole scene is booming in that small corner of Wales.

4. Cam McCaul has been one of the stars of American mountain biking forever, but which MTB film featured his debut full video part?

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Back in 2004 Cam made his first appearance in Chain Reaction 5. You can read an interview with Cam in Shredder Issue 6.

5. The inimitable Brooklyn Machine Works was one of the original boundary-pushing handmade mountain bike companies. Which two of these musicians invested in the company? (Select two answers.)

Please select 2 correct answers

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Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys has sadly passed away now, but back in '96 Adam fronted some cash to help get the company off the ground. Years later, Pharrell Williams got involved with the company. Unfortunately, in 2016 Brooklyn Machine Works officially ceased trading in NYC, the end of an era. Read more about the company in Cranked #21.

6. Finale Ligure has been a staple on the Enduro World Series calendar since the series' inception. But how long was the final stage of the 2018 EWS?

Cécile Ravanel by Sebastian Scheick. As seen in The World Stage 2018.
The stage is called Men's Downhill
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At just 2.23km, the stage might not sound too difficult. But it is tough, technical and physical. Here's a video of how not to ride it.

7. VHS (Velocity Hucking Systems) is a mountain bike product, but what has it been designed to eliminate?

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Check VHS out here.

8. Which company recently joined the goggle market with its ‘Radia’ goggles?

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SixSixOne has just released the Radia. We had the pleasure of riding with a pair a few months ago and they get the job done, plus they're reasonably priced.

9. What bike is this?

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The Rift Zone - Nikki Whiles really knows how to put it through its paces.

10. What was the name of the Dirt Magazine film trilogy created by Tommy C (Caldwell Visuals)?

Tommy C by Ben Winder. Shot during the filming of Tea & Biscuits.
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A Slice of British Pie. Long live loamy corners.

11. What was the name of the film by Clay Porter and John Lawlor that documented Steve Peat's career?

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A masterpiece created by Clay Porter and John Lawlor. Won't Back Down. You can watch the full film for free online now.

12. Which bike company collaborated with Supreme on a special edition hardtail?

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Whatever floats your boat!

13. Which UK bike park that formerly had a Nike 6.0-sponsored dirt bowl has recently been given a new lease of life?

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Redhill Extreme is a low key, super fun bike park in the UK. It's been taken over recently by Forest of Dean legend Mattie Pugh; he's been putting in some serious graft to bring it back to its former glory. Expect to see several Redhill edits from well-known riders soon.

14. Greg Minnaar is one of the most consistent racers of all time. Where and when was the only downhill World Cup he has so far failed to qualify for?

Greg Minnaar by Sven Martin.
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An almost unbelievable feat, the GOAT has only missed out on qualifying for one World Cup in his decades-long career. Check out Eliot Jackson's website World Cup Stats to take a deep dive into Greg's race results.

15. The Privateer of the Year Award was set up in 2019 by notorious ex-privateer Wyn Masters. It rewarded the most deserving privateer of each World Cup or EWS round with 1,000 euros. How did Wyn manage to fund the award?

Wyn Masters by Victor Lucas. Hurly Burly 2019.
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Wyn knows better than most what it's like to be a privateer, and how valuable a bit of extra cash can be for a racer. Check out his crowd funding page here.

16. Markus Stöckl is the team manager of MS Mondraker, but he also holds the land speed world record on a production mountain bike. What was his top speed?

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That's bloomin' fast. Watch the Red Bull film of the World Record here.

17. The Enduro World Series has recently re-revised the 2020 schedule with the introduction of a new event at a brand new venue. Where is the new round located?

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The new venue is just a 10-minute drive from Finale Ligure. It will be hosted the week before the Finale round of the EWS and is a racers-only event (no fans). Read about the latest schedule here. We are in for a treat with the trails in Pietra Ligure. Let's go racing!

18. Analog is our free monthly zine created by Jon Gregory. Who does issue three feature on the front cover?

Analog Tee - The free mtb zine
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We're up to issue three of Analog, and this month's cover features young pinner and YT rider Harry Schofield. It's free, and you can order a copy or download one here.

19. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot held the cross-country, cyclocross and road World Championship titles concurrently on which bike brand?

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Pauline Ferrand-Prevot has one impressive race rap sheet. Have a read of this article by Cycling News of the five races that changed her life.

20. 'Well Screwed' is the latest Ink Shack product designed by Jon Gregory. But how many mountain bike bottom bracket standards are there?

bottom bracket head tshirt Misspent Summers 1
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Who knows the actual answer; all we know is there are far too many. But there's only one 'Well Screwed' t-shirt design. If you want one (go on), buy it here.

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