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Midweek Mountain Bike Geek Quiz #4

Roll up, roll up! Our Midweek MTB Geek Quiz is back for the fourth time.

How did you do last week? It was a hard one.

Give the quiz a spin and let us know how you get on.

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Good luck.

1. Sam Cofano ripped every turn to pieces in his Tea & Biscuits section. But how many Digestives did he say he used to eat before school?

Correct! Wrong!

Now that is how to fill up on real nutrients. Watch the whole film.

2. Which rider has raced every single stage in the history of the Enduro World Series (from the series’ start in 2013 until the end of the 2019 season)?

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Florian Nicolai is the only rider to race every stage in the EWS history. Mark Scott had also raced every stage, but unfortunately last year he was struck by some visa problems and was unable to race Northstar. Read an interview with Mark here.

3. Sam Hill won three consecutive Enduro World Series titles in 2017-19. But how many EWS rounds has Hill won during his career (up to end of 2019)?

Correct! Wrong!

That’s right, six race wins for Hill and he’s also finished second seven times and third twice. Check his results on Roots & Rain.

4. Dirt Magazine’s history ended abruptly with issue #159, ‘The Last Run’ in spring 2015. Which BMXer-turned-photographer was the magazine’s longterm editor?

Correct! Wrong!

Mikey Rose, aka ‘The Cow’ in his early BMX zine days, steered the good ship Dirt as well as shooting some of mountain biking’s most memorable images. Cowgram.

5. Italian suspension company Marzocchi was once at the forefront of mountain bike bouncing. It had an impressive team roster, a solid product line and unforgettable marketing campaigns. After some tougher times, what brand acquired Marzocchi in 2015?

Correct! Wrong!

Back in 2015 Marzocchi was acquired by Fox, helping get the big M back on track.

6. This is the Newton tyre. Who makes it?

Correct! Wrong!

Goodyear just announced their Wingfoot Alliance athlete and ambassador scheme with this hilarious video of Olly Wilkins.

7. What is the name of the Swiss bike company whose bikes’ rear shocks are concealed within the frame?

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I once sold old gold, but I should’ve been more Bold. We have not ridden one, so all we can say is that they look slick and will more than likely save your shock from the elements. Find out more here.

8. The bike brand Sunn dominated the downhill scenes in its early days with riders including Anne-Caroline Chausson, Nicolas Vouilloz, Cedric Gracia and Mickael Pascal. What was the brand first called before changing the name to Sunn?

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They were originally called MX France, after a few months it was renamed Sunn, spelt with a double ‘n’ for twice as much sun. Sunn Bikes history.

9. Black Mountains Cycle Centre is a total playground for uplift- and pedal-accessed riding. Where is it located?

Correct! Wrong!

Go to Wales for the best trails, as they say. BMCC is one of the most fun spots to ride a bike. Check out this video of the trail named ‘Bomper’

10. The Vallnord, Andorra, World Cup downhill track is fast and fierce. But how fast did the 2019 men’s winner Loic Bruni go through the official speed trap in his race run?

Correct! Wrong!

He doesn’t quite ride at the speed of sound, but Loic Bruni is mad fast. Watch the 2019 race highlights.

11. We are happy to be selling Cranked magazine in our store (yes, blatant plug). What number is the latest issue?

Correct! Wrong!

21 issues and going strong. If you haven’t read Cranked before, it’s full of inspiration and opinion and comment and storytelling. You’ll love it. Get a copy here

12. Dirt/slopestyle rider Thomas Genon is a true talent on a bike with style for miles and one of the steeziest tables in the business. What country is he from?

Correct! Wrong!

Those Tommy G tables are unreal. As are all his other savagely-tweaked tricks. Table service.

13. This is Hope Technology’s HB.160 bike, one of two mountain bike frames made by the British manufacturer. What is the name of the shorter-travel bike by Hope?

Correct! Wrong!

Hope’s in-house bikes are as lust worthy as any of the company’s top-notch components. However, they probably won’t make you as fast as Adam Brayton.

Check out the MTBs

14. Who from the riders below has won bronze, silver and gold Olympic medals in cross country?

Correct! Wrong!

With one of the most impressive of medal collections, Sabine Spitz. Bronze: Athens, 2004 Silver: London, 2012 Gold: Beijing, 2008 (Nino Schurter has also won all three.)

15. Which World Cup photographer once had his own signature skateboard?

Correct! Wrong!

He's knows how to make a camera click and a skateboard flick.

16. Which former downhill World Champion and EWS winner switched to cross-country in a bid to qualify for the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

Correct! Wrong!

A maverick of different bikes, Tracy Moseley. Read more about it here.

17. Who suffered a big crash on this wall-ride at the 2018 Fort William DH World Cup while standing in for Claudio Caluori in the filming of Red Bull’s course preview?

Correct! Wrong!

It was Olly Wilkins, but the video wasn’t ever published. It happened though, honest.

18. What year was 'Follow Me' released?

Correct! Wrong!

10 years old and still amazing.

19. Can you guess who makes this kit?

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It's Troy Lee, the Sprint jersey to be precise. You can see what it's meant to look like here.

20. Cold Blue Thoughts is a zine we made to start Misspent Summers mid-2016. How much does a copy cost (not including postage)?

Correct! Wrong!

That’s right, freeeeedom. We love making and sharing stuff. If you like freebies, order a copy, download and print at home a copy of Analog zine or check out our zine library for a whole range of homemade goods.

Misspent Summers Midweek Geek Quiz #4
Thanks for playing. Here's a 10% discount code for our store: 'geektastic'

Thanks for playing. Here's a 10% discount code for our store: 'geektastic'

Thanks for playing. Here's a 10% discount code for our store: 'geektastic'

Thanks for playing. Here's a 10% discount code for our store: 'geektastic'

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