Something is brewing… and for once it isn’t a cup of tea. Although, we are also brewing a cuppa, but that goes without saying.

The thing in question is Hurly Burly 4, the 2019 downhill World Cup and Championships yearbook. This year’s book production has been a sort of epic quest involving several-too-many visits to the cake store, hundreds-too-many cups of tea and coffee and just-a-bit-too-much of a wait for it to come back from the printers. The wait from finalising a project to it coming back is always excruciatingly long — after all the weeks and months of graft and lost sleep, you just can’t wait to see the product of so many people’s hard work.

Well, today the book lands at our distributor in the UK. Whoooop and phew. We are so glad to know our customers who have pre-ordered Hurly Burly will soon be receiving their copies, and that we can put the thing officially on-sale early next week.

Making a book about mountain biking, in particular the UCI DH World Cup series and the MTB World Championships, has always been a dream, and one we have realised since the first copy of Hurly Burly went on sale after the 2016 season of DH racing. Our latest downhill book is, I think it is fair to say, the best yet.

Stay tuned for a link to where to buy the downhill yearbook.

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