New York bike courier documentary: Weekend Watch

This amazing New York bike courier documentary takes us back to the early-mid nineties on the streets of New York City with a bunch of wild and free cycle couriers.

Everyone needs things delivering fast all around New York and back in the days of actual things (not virtual ones), the best, quickest way to get a document sent across town was on the back of a lightning-fast bicycle courier. The Need for Speed New York bike courier documentary is a perfect look into life in the fast lane — fluorescent multi-coloured leggings and all.

Do you fancy darting around New York City in armour and a leotard? This stuff is only for the bravest messengers around. Looks like a good time to have been on two wheels.

Enjoy the weekend and enjoy the film.

If that’s not enough, here’s some modern street blasting in Spain: Scanning the Horizon.

More Weekend Watch videos here.

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