The World Stage 2: 2018

The Enduro World Series MTB season is detailed in The World Stage 2, a high-quality coffee table book that chronicles the 2018 series across more than 200 pages of the highest quality print.

Eight EWS event reports and eight features are illustrated with the best photography in the sport – hundreds of images by Sven Martin, Sebastian Schieck and Boris Beyer bring mountain biking’s most varied race series to life in one collectable book.

The World Stage 2 sets the 2018 Enduro World Series MTB season in paper-and-ink, a full account of the season’s key events and riders (including Sam Hill, Cecile Ravanel, Richie Rude, Martin Maes) that will be referred to for years to come. All the stories, facts and figures in one place.

Produced and published in the UK by Misspent Summers, The World Stage 2 is delivered worldwide. Buy your copy now.

Director-editor: James McKnight
Editor: Mike Rose
Photo editor: Ben Winder
Art director: Chris Jones
Photographers: Sven Martin, Sebastian Schieck, Boris Beyer
Contributors: Chris Kilmurray, John Parkin, Morgane Charre, Ric McLaughlin, Lauren Jenkins, Enrico Guala

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