There Is No Hero Dirt Without Rain – Tea Towel

There is no tea break without washing up. 

Actually, that’s not true. We regularly recycle dirty mugs.

But, sometimes you just need a freshie to get the crispest tasting cuppa.

The process goes like this:

– Mugs in hot soapy water
– Sponge and a bit of elbow grease
– Drain for a min while the kettle boils
– Dry the mugs
– Bag in, water on top
– Milk later, sugar if you really must

All that to say, an oft-overlooked part of tea making is a nice tea towel.

With this one – which is a durable, absorbent and frankly pretty cool – remind yourself every cloud has a silver lining. Especially rain clouds – without them our trails would be hardpacked and cracked.

Made from unbleached organic cotton, screen-printed in the UK using renewable energy and water-based inks.

The Details
– 100% unbleached organic cotton
– Approximately 48x76cm size (nice and big)
– Fabric hanging loop on one corner
– There Is No Hero Dirt Without Rain design taken from our newsletter Thought Farts by Jon Gregory
– £14


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