Shredder Zine Timeless — Issue 7

Shredder zine issue seven is out now and available in our store. The ‘Timeless’ issue is a corker, a true feat of creativity, love for the sport and hard work. We’re talking about what its creator Stuart Leel puts into making every issue of Shredder zine. Just you wait until you see what’s inside.

Shredder zine ‘Timeless’ issue is rammed full of incredible photos and stories. The cover itself is a history lesson as it harks back to a memorable Dirt Magazine cover by Ian Hylands of Tyler McCaul — McCaul also gets the front cover with his incredible new-school under-whip shot by Anthony Smith.

There’s also a Max Nerurkar interview that is a must-read; 3dumb has some sensible words that anyone can apply to their life. If there’s one feature you shouldn’t miss, it’s the Jon Gregory interview. We would say that, of course, as he’s our good friend and the man behind Analog Zine. Issue 7 also features: an interview with the cover photographer Anthony Smith; words with trail builders/advocates James Pettitt (Wharncliffe Trailworks) and Tom Cole (Aberdeenshire Trail Association); a Gee Atherton interview (with photos by our own Sven Martin and also Dan Hearn) and a Stallan artist profile with Stuart Allan.

There’s absolutely loads more! One highlight is Harry Griffiths’ tale of the Cana-Dream road trip in British Columbia. Harry also wrote about his time in Canada in the ‘Pond Life’ zine he entered into our Zine Library, so it was good to find out more about his trip.

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