That Corner: B&M

Oh man how good was it to have the DH racing back this weekend?! 

So many stories come out of the weekend it’s impossible to know where to start. Brook’s incredible run, Troy putting it all together, Amaury back on the podium, Camille Blance and Reece Wilson backing up their Worlds results and Drapela accidentally pulling for a bonkers gap in a wild run were a few of the high points for me. 

The flip side of the massive highs are the crushing lows. Nowhere was this more evident that the Women’s final. With current World Champion Camille Blanche in the hot seat and just fastest qualifier and local rider Vali Holl left to race, the tension was high. Vali was green at all the spilts and looked to be set for the win. That was until the final corner reared it’s ugly head. Everyone’s favourite World Cup pundit Ben Cathro takes a look at said corner below and what likely happened in Vali’s run.

Let’s not taking anything away from Vali though. This was her first elite World Cup and she still finished 2nd despite the crash. The battle is on in the women’s.

Time to start counting down the days until the next one.


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