The Biking Viking: B&M

Okay so I am a bit late to the party on this one, but the results of the X-Games Real MTB video contest were announced this week so I thought I’d delve into the videos. You can find the results elsewhere and the reasoning behind them, but for me, there was only one winner. Brage Vestavik a.k.a The Biking Viking.

It’s rare that a video is released these days that actually has you wincing from the combination of huge jumps, insane tricks and heavy crashes but this one did. 

Let’s take the first move for example. Very few people would ride that skinny on it’s own, let alone 180 hop on it (a half cab for those in the know). The precision needed to ride the skinny, 180 hop on it, and then 180 hop off a fairly sizeable drop is insane. And that’s just the first move.

Don’t get me wrong, all the other videos were also incredible, but in my vast (read: tiny) mountain biking network, there was one that was being shared twice as much as any other and that was Brage’s video. 


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