The pure fun of riding bicycles — Tall Bikes Will Save The World

A tall bikes video. Wait, what are tall bikes? Obviously, they are massive bicycles. Less blatant is their function — as explained by the Zenga Bros in their film, ‘Tall Bikes Will Save The World’. Is it tongue in cheek? We don’t think so. It appears that soaring high above the trail or streets on a tall bike can be a life-affirming experience.

We came across this video after reading the excellent article in Cranked Issue 20 about the converting of a coveted On-One bikes Inbred hardtail into a new-school/no-school/tall’s-cool tall bike. In a world of lower-longer-slacker and constant technological innovation, a thing as ridiculous as a tall bike is a welcome distraction from marketing hype.

No, you can’t buy one, you must learn to build it yourself. You’ll only appreciate riding it more afterwards, anyway. Yes, you can bring a friend along for the ride — they’ll enjoy the comfortable lounging zone beneath and be safely close to the ground.

Of course you can do jumps. Go bikepacking. Fetch your art supplies. Or load up your welder, weave your way downtown and plug in to a street light, where you can build a freshie. The sky’s the limit when you’re tall biking.

Our verdict: A brilliant, silly idea. Reminds us why bike riding in all its forms is so much fun, an escape.

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