The Triple Crown: B&M

Unless you have been living under a rock you’ve probably noticed that Crankworx Innusbruck is currently happening. Fear not though rock dwellers as two of the hardest hitting mountain bike journalists/riders have provided the following video to keep you updated.

So many events fill up the Crankworx timetable it’s pretty hard to keep up unless you’re constantly glued to the internet (something which I don’t recommend). For a quick summary, the whip off is always a highlight (Kaos Seagrave literally went backwards) and the unofficial scrub-off went, unsuprisingly, off. 

With the likes of Kade Edwards and Kaos Seagrave the lines between styles of riding seem to be getting more and more blurred. How long will it be until we start seeing riders vying for the gravity triple crown?

What’s the triple crown I hear you say. Well, it’s something I just came up with but simply put; win an EWS,  a World Cup and Rampage all in the same year.

Do you think it’s possible?


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