The Welsh California: B&M

Everyone needs a feel good edit every now and then. Add to that trail building and you’re on to a winner. It is truly awesome to see the power that mountain biking and other outdoor sports can have on re-invigorating an area, and it’s something we can all take inspiration from.

Granted, this sort of project seems to be a long way off here in the UK but I think it could have huge positive effects if it came to fruition.

Take, for example, south Wales. A while ago, it was right up there when it came to raw material production. This provided huge employment and the area was heavily industrialised in the 19th and 20th century. More recently however, these industries have dried up and the opportunities in the area have been low.

The area is also famed in the mountain bike community for having some of the best riding in the UK. Imagine then, like in the video above, a project came along with the aim of creating a multi-day, multi-use trail traversing south Wales, linking all of the established stops together. It would create jobs, bring people to the area and make for an incredible riding experience.

This is just idea, and I am sure the mechanics would be way more complicated than I could ever fathom, but I do know that I would happily be the first to line up and ride it.


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