Two Years On A Bike by Martijn Doollaard: Weekend Watch

We have been dreaming of buying a plot of land or a run-down building in Italy somewhere for a long time. We spend a lot of our time in Finale Ligure already (Ben even lives there) and wouldn’t mind having some sort of base for Misspent Summers – basically a clubhouse for bike lifers and homeless mountain bike media folk. One day, we’ll find the right place.

Martijn Doolaard has recently popped up on most of our friends’ YouTubes, extending our day dreaming even further. In brief, his videos are slow burners that show him renovating an old property he bought for not much money somewhere in the Italian mountains. Yeah, dreamy. And well worth getting into.

He’s also just put out some videos about an epic bicycle journey and the book he made about it. Want! Spend your weekend immersed in wanderlust and DIY-lust then think about buying Martijn’s book. You can see the rest of his videos on his YouTube or Vimeo channels.

From Martijn Doolaard:

My book Two Years on a Bike – From Vancouver to Patagonia has just released and I would like to tell you more about the preparation and share some of the stories from the road.

Buy Signed Limited Edition:


Watch One Year on a Bike:…

Both books are available via Amazon, but if you can, support your local book store!

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