Unchained: B&M

When you’ve got as big an athlete roster as Red Bull has, doing collaborations across sports is an obvious choice. However, even by Red Bull standards, combining Danny Mac and Kriss Kyle was a stroke of genius. 

There are a lot of bits to pick out from this video, not least how easily these guys make crashing look (take note kids), but for me Danny riding across a 3 meter chain takes the biscuit. 

Riding across chains is not something you see every day (I wonder why), and the only other person who I have seen do it is Ryan Leech in The Collective (skip to 13:20). Now his chain was a lot shorter than Danny’s but still, it’s riding across a bloody chain! This was in 2004, so in my eyes he is very much the founder of  what I have coined The League of Chain Crossings.

Who knows who will be next to join the ranks in The League of Chain Crossings but we can be sure that the bar (or chain) will continue to be raised. Perhaps we will see one on a DH track soon…? Perhaps not. 


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