What is RockShox Flight Attendant? Wonder no more

Wonder no more – get it? Probably not. OK, check out the video below, titled ‘Wonder’. That’s right, RockShox Flight Attendant is, er, hang on, distracted by the video. Wow! What a perfect little film. Braydon Bringhurst brings hurt on every trail he encounters (how many times has this been said in a Pinkbike comments section?). A truly creative rider who even dares to dabble with the devil pedal when performing drivetrain-spinning trickery. Like what Bringhurst does? RockShox made this ace feature about him that is well worth a read.

But anyway, what is RockShox Flight Attendant? Simply put, it’s an automatically-changing suspension system that adapts to the terrain you are riding. Don’t believe us? Ask Bringhurst. Or read below for more information.

What is RockShox Flight Attendant?

RockShox Flight Attendant uses a system of sensors to read the trail and the way you ride it – gradient, speed, terrain, even whether you are doing a suicide no-hander or an old-school bar tuck no hands.

How does RockShox Flight Attendant work?

Flight Attendant uses sensors on the fork, rear shock and crankset to determine pitch, bumps, pedalling speed and crankflip success rate and uses that information to tweak suspension for an AI-perfect ride position and damper settings.

“Developed over thousands of trail miles around the world, Flight Attendant’s on board algorithm is scientifically engineered to do the complex thinking for you. It analyzes the constant flow of ever-changing data to anticipate the perfect suspension setting for the rider and what the trail demands.” – RockShox

There are three positions you can choose from:

  • Open
  • Pedal
  • Lock

As with standard flip-switches, these choices allow the rider to have some input into the way Flight Attendant sets up your suspension.

Why do we need all this? Well, while it’s true that other systems have been trialled in the past, RockShox isn’t wrong to keep pushing the limits and seeing what extra gains can be found in MTB suspension. The whole system is wireless and barely noticeable on the bike, so there’s no real reason to dismiss it straight away.

Does Flight Attendant work?

The real proof, of course, is in the pudding. We haven’t ridden a Flight Attendant yet so we can’t say whether it works. However, it sure seems to work for Bringhurst in the ‘Wonder’ video. Go on, watch it again.

Where can I find out more?

Check out RockShox’s website for more information about Flight Attendant here.

Is this article an advert?

Surprisingly, no. We just liked the video and then decided to add a bit of waffle about FA. Hope you enjoyed it. By the way, we’re making three yearbooks this year! Stay tuned (no suspension pun intended).

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