Friday 5th August 2022
Food selection: 7/10 (Ice cream, granola bars, crisps, pretzels)
Drink selection: 8/10 (Plenty, and water bottle refilling station)
Service: 10/10 (Hand delivered ice creams)
Wifi: 9/10
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Nukeproof Clothing 2022

Lighter evenings, dry(er) trails and sessions finishing with a well-earned “refreshment of choice” the northern hemisphere spring-summer is starting to kick off nicely. To celebrate its time to launch the latest collection of Nukeproof Ridewear.
For 2022 our Lead
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Sam’s hospital tasting notes vol. 1

Our old mate Sam is upside down in a hospital bed; he’s had a pretty tough few weeks with a nasty broken leg. He’s three operations down, with one more planned for today. But, after a few weeks, he started … Read the rest

Mike’s MTB marmalade – review

A delicate yet beautifully pungent smack around the face. The perfect balance of eye-watering bitterness, teamed with teeth rotting sweetness. Loose in texture, with just the right balance of ‘shred’ to ‘jam’. A master class in Marmalade for the 22nd
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You can still buy bar ends

When I started mountain biking, bar ends were a thing. Alongside prodigious anodizing and long stems. Perhaps bar ends were there to counteract the long stem, show off the anodizing and somehow add to the mystery of early geometry. But, … Read the rest