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Commentary and broadcast info for 2023 MTB World Cups

News just in from the UCI-ESO-WBD team about the 2023 MTB World Cup broadcast and commentary.

Copy and paste from the UCI website below.

You can also read about it on the MTB World Series Instagram post here.

It’s going to be good to see live coverage of junior downhill racing and the new semi final.


This is an extract from the press release. There’s a bit more info on the MTB World Series website – link at the end of this text.

The UCI Mountain Bike World Series is excited to reveal that there are more ways to watch the UCI Mountain Bike World Cups than ever before. 

Fans will be treated to a completely new way of enjoying live broadcasts this season, as the sport ushers in a new era of coverage of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cups in cross-country Olympic, cross-country short track, cross-country marathon and downhill. Warner Bros. Discovery will harness the breadth of its network throughout the year to grow the sport and ensure the widest possible audiences are reached. 

Live broadcasts of the downhill, cross-country Olympic and cross-country short track elite finals and coverage of all major races from each of the 13 race weekends will be available globally on GCN+*. 

GCN+ can be accessed worldwide through a monthly or annual subscription. Racing coverage and content is available live and on demand via the GCN App, all web browsers, Amazon FireTV, Samsung Smart TV, AndroidTV, Chromecast, Apple AirPlay and Apple TV. 

As well as broadening the reach of the series, Warner Bros. Discovery will revolutionise the way mountain biking is watched by fans across the globe. With over 20 cameras on course, supplemented by three camera drones, the mountain-biking viewer experience will be completely transformed at each event – offering fans entirely different angles from each venue and ensuring every major moment is captured in every single race – a first for the sport.

And it’s not just the elite finals that will enjoy coverage this season, with free to air live streams of the U23 cross-country races as well as the Junior and semi-final downhill races on the UCI Mountain Bike World Series YouTube channelGCN+, Eurosport, discovery+ and GMBN Racing.

Meanwhile, cross-country marathon and enduro will enjoy race day highlights shows hosted on the UCI Mountain Bike World Series Youtube channel, alongside in-depth bike checks, course previews and exclusive behind the scenes content.

Fronting the new coverage will be a new talent team headed up by Kate Mason, who will anchor each of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series events broadcast on Warner Bros. Discovery platforms, starting with the first round of the 2023 UCI Cross-country World Cups from Nové Město na Moravě in May. 

Mason will be joined by legendary racer Cedric Gracia as an expert commentator in downhill, while titan of the sport Bart Brentjens will fulfil the same role for cross-country. They’ll be joined by reporters Josh Carlson and Hayley Edmonds, with Ric McLaughlin completing the team as lead commentator.

Read more on the MTB World Series website here.

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