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Misspent Summers is James McKnight's take on modern media.

The company brings some of cycling’s best designers, photographers, writers and videographers together to produce unique, well thought out, long-lasting publications online and in print. Whether it be electronic or paper and ink, high quality or grungy simplicity, the aim is to tell a story, inspire people to get out there and to create a product that is cherished.

James has more than a decade of experience working in mountain bike media. In that time he has held Editor’s positions at Dirt MagazineBike Magic and several standalone publications, and has contributed to many of the major mountain bike titles (including Red Bull Bike and Mountain Biking UK Magazine in 2017). Occasionally his work even reaches into the Big Wide World outside of bikes. He spent 15 years racing bikes of all varieties, worked many memorably warm and mountainous years as a guide in some of Europe’s key MTB destinations, greatly enjoyed several years as a bike and suspension test rider and is currently writing about himself in the third person, so will leave it at that.

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