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2023 Enduro World Cup points calculator

Enduro World Cup Points explained

Along with its newly adopted identity and format changes, the UCI Enduro Mountain Bike World Cup (part of the new MTB World Series) has a brand-new points system – a significant change that seems as straightforward as the series name (luckily for us, The World Stage still works as a title for our EWS EDR yearbook).

We explain the points structure below and have also included a handy (we hope) Enduro World Cup points calculator further down this page.

EDR racer wanting to quickly tally up how many points you’ve earned in your race? Stick in your overall result (just the number) and your result on each stage and you’ll know straight away.

Tangent: Listen to 40 mins of interviews and recap from Maydena in our ‘Views episode here

Anyway, how do the UCI EDR World Cup points work?

Points means prizes. Time does too

Points are now up for grabs on each timed Special Stage (there are six total per race), and these will count towards a rider’s overall season ranking.

The race is still decided on cumulative time (every stage time added together and the fastest time wins).

There is no longer a Pro Stage or Queen Stage as there were in previous Enduro World Series seasons.

How does the Enduro World Cup stage points structure work?

The fastest rider wins the stage, but there are also points for every stage result.

These points go towards the series standings, but don’t affect the race result. For example, Vali Höll won two stages in Maydena but crashed out later in the race. The stage wins ensured her a healthy points total of 269 – more total points than Kate Weatherly, even though the latter finished the day three places in front of Höll in the race overall.

Check out the full results from Enduro World Cup Maydena to compare points tallies.

There are fewer points available for the U21 category.

Enduro World Cup Points Calculator

Enduro World Cup Points Calculator

Here’s the points structure for EDR stage results:

UCI MTB Enduro World Cup points

Side note: Riders are now reseeded for the final Special Stage based on points scored during the day. So, the rider with the most accumulated points will start stage six last.

How many points are available for Enduro World Cup race results?

Series rankings are based on points won from all Special Stages plus points for the overall race result.

Here’s the points up for grabs for the race overall result (this doesn’t include the stage-by-stage points, those are separate). Click the image for the full points structure (1st-100th) as taken from the UCI Enduro Rulebook:

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