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Friday expedition: Joel Ducrot’s VERSA short film

If this doesn’t make you want to head out the door on an adventure this weekend, nothing will. Absolutely stunning scenery, storytelling and camera work in this short film called Versa by Mons Royale and Scott athlete Joel Ducrot. 10/10!


Mountain biking can feel like a different sport on different terrain, but it’s all bound together by bike and rider. You progress with the changing environment. With Versa, the goal was simple: to maximize the diversity of landscapes Joel can ride your bike in — visually and geologically — in a 10 day road trip around BC. Most of the time if you ask Joel what he’s been doing, he’ll say he’s been wrenching. I’ll argue that what he’s really doing, and what the film Versa does, is bring romanticism back to mountain biking. It’s not about love, although there’s some of that in there. It’s not about some knight on a quest, although there’s some of that in there too. It’s about putting that extra effort into learning something more about yourself and the landscape around you — and finding the beauty in it. And riding sick terrain too of course.

Athlete, Director, Producer: Joel Ducrot

DOP, Director, Editor, Colourist: Peter Wojnar

Sound Design: Ridgeline Sound

Music: The Mystery Lights – What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down

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