Oh, Canada: B&M

Well, these guys can definitely sling dirt. I mean you’d hope so given they’re on a video highlighting trail building, but the creations that feature really are sculptures. Big jumps, flowy rollers and perfect corners are the order of the day in Kamloops and it seems like they’ve got crafting them down to a tee.

It was cool to see the chap called Brad being featured in this one. The older school among you may remember a film coming out in 2010 called Follow Me,  which had a star-studded line up of riders and locations including Sam Hill on the North Shore, Brendog and Vanderham in Whistler and Gee Atherton and Stevie Smith in New Zealand.

One section of the film featured Aggy, Kurt Sorge and a few others riding some huge jumps that you rarely saw in mountain biking at that time. No proper location was given, but it was simply known as ‘Brad Yard’. Turns out this is the same Brad and he’s still building insane features for a living. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

You can watch all of Follow Me here if you fancy a bit of recent history. Brad’s Yard features at 17:15.

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