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Pal Arinsal DH World Cup schedule change

Due to extreme weather in Andorra, the UCI and WBD Sports have had to change the schedule for the Pal Arinsal downhill World Cup race.

Here’s hoping for a race at some point during the weekend. In the meantime, watch the junior finals replay from Friday 25 August here.

Below, we’ll add UCI statements as they come in.

Statement 26 August, 12:20pm:

The UCI Downhill World Cup will resume following the revised schedule shared earlier today:

1.45pm – 2.15pm Combined DH Training

2.45pm – Women Elite Final (17 qualified riders) followed by Men Elite Final (61 qualified riders).

Elite women start list

Elite men start list

Additional info:

Due to the predicted wind speed the road gap A-line jump will remain closed for both races, B-line only available.

Also, to confirm, the races are going ahead with complete medical cover including the evacuation helicopter which can fly in the predicted weather.

Statement 26 August, 11am:

We are monitoring the current situation closely and have recorded speeds over 90km per hour at the Downhill start hut.

At 12:00pm we will provide further information.

If the weather improves, we will resume the UCI Downhill World Cup finals on the following schedule:

1.45pm – 2.15pm Combined DH Training
2.45pm – Women Elite Final (17 qualified riders)
3.30pm – Men Elite Final (61 qualified riders)

At 12.00, if the conditions have not improved, the race will be cancelled.

Please wait for further instruction at 12.00pm.

Statement 26 August, 9am:


DHI Women & Men races have been postponed due to weather conditions. There will be an update at 12:00pm midday. In the meantime please ensure all personnel are in a safe and secure location before 10am.

Andorra schedule change

Statement Friday 25 Aug:

Communique – Extreme weather / change of schedule Saturday DHI

Based on the latest weather forecast from the national weather forecasting service, the existing schedule for the UCI Downhill World Cup tomorrow, Saturday 26 August will not be possible as planned due to extreme wind speeds.

This safety decision has been made by the UCI, WBD Sports and the local organisers to ensure the welfare of the athletes, teams, marshals, volunteers, spectators and everyone working at the event.

A revised race schedule will be agreed and communicated at 06:15am tomorrow morning following a final weather forecast review.

If racing goes ahead, the schedule will be as follows:

07:30am – 08:30am Training, WE & ME combined.
09:00am – Final WE, 17 qualified riders.
09:45am – Final ME, 61 qualified riders.

If a further deterioration of the weather is predicted to coincide with this revised schedule the event will be postponed for the day & further updates will be communicated as appropriate.

Please ensure your tents and equipment across the paddock area are secured for high winds and heavy rain, and that your personnel are all safe.

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