Sven Martin podcast with Andrew Neethling: Moving the Needle

If you are looking for a great listen and want to hear from two of South Africa’s greatest exports, get your ears around this Sven Martin podcast from Andrew Neethling’s ‘Moving the Needle’ series. Needles is of course a legend on the race track, having competed for umpteen years on the US and World Cup circuits before recently retiring. Svendog, you may or may not know, is not only one of mountain biking’s most prolific and talented photographers but he was also a pro rider before his photography career took off. And, naturally, he was a pro skater before that. (Side-note: Check out Sven’s iconic Chris Kovarik drift shot and the story about how it landed him his first-ever Dirt Magazine cover. You can also find Sven’s amazing race photos in our downhill and enduro yearbooks.)

From Andrew Neethling:

Sven Martin who is one of the big voices for MTB racing joins the podcast to bench race about what could have been and what may come in the 2020 Race Season. We recorded this episode just before the new UCI calendar was released but it is so relevant now looking towards the racing starting in September.  Sven is a former professional skateboarder turned professional MTB photographer and journalist.

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