Sven Martin

Sven Martin is an integral part of mountain biking. He has greatly influenced the sport as a whole while also snapping some of the sport’s most iconic images.

Martin is the leader of the media pack at mountain bike events; aspiring photographers learn from him — his personal drive is unmatched and his techniques and processes somewhat unique.

Sven has been a driving force in the direction of the sport over the last decade; he’s influenced bike companies, race series, magazines, etc. He is an integral part of Hurly Burly and The World Stage yearbooks.

If you ever have the pleasure of bumping into Sven, buy him a beer!

sven's display prints

Stevie’s Year
From £30
This is Hecklers Rock as Stevie would always want it to be remembered. Course tape down, beers flying, crowd wildly roaring and partying.
From £30
This was the very first Dirt Magazine cover Sven Martin landed. It was a huge honour for him because Dirt was the gravity bible at the time and also because it was THE legendary Chris Kovarik.
Light Show
From £30
Is there ever a bad last-light sunset in Utah? This is from a 2009 photoshoot out near Green River. The crew shot some big stunts up high and, as the sun dipped down, James Doerfling surfed the ridge back down to the RV.
Wonder Kid
From £30
Only his second full year racing World Cups and already rocking the number three plate, Aaron Gwin charges hard in the torrential rain.
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