Vanzacs go guerilla: B&M

The Vanzacs give us 20 minutes of gold from a land that’s saying a big ‘no thanks’ to the virus the rest of us are battling with.  Expect jumps, drifts and the need to be roading tripping NZ.

Given these riders are branded as the ‘Status crew’, it follows that they’re riding the Status, the bike no one really knows much about (what a tag line).

The Specialized marketing has been left field for this bike for sure, but something must be right about it as I’ve ended up buying one?! (Just a cog in a big old machine.)

Doing a bit of digging, it seems this would fall under the term guerrilla marketing. Defined as ‘using unconventional ways to market a product’, it is literally the last thing you expect from the bike industry, which loves a press release more than anything else. It’s refreshing for sure, and maybe some other companies will follow suit. Could Troy Lee Designs start dressing the Statue of Liberty in race pyjamas?

Marketing people, take note.

— HG

Side-note: We’ve been busy working on our Meltdown 2020 MTB yearbook. Phew, making books ain’t easy. It’s shaping up to be a thing of beauty, though. Coming soon.

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