Hurly Burly 4 — Out Now

The 2019 UCI downhill World Cup and Championships yearbook, Hurly Burly 4, is out now.

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Hurly Burly chronicles the eight World Cup DH rounds and World Championships, with hundreds of the best photographs and dozens of written contributions from some of mountain biking’s most experienced journalists. Race reports, analyses, opinion and comment sit alongside the most important results and standings from the 2019 UCI Downhill World Cup series and World Championships.

In 2019 the series visited Maribor, Slovenia; Fort William, UK; Leogang, Austria; Vallnord, Andorra; Les Gets, France; Val di Sole, Italy; Lenzerheide, Switzerland; Snowshoe, USA; and the 2019 MTB World Championships were held in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada.

This book reports and celebrates one of the most memorable seasons in downhill mountain biking’s history, a year in which Tracey Hannah and Loic Bruni were victorious, winning the series titles, and a resurgent Myriam Nicole won her first World Championship title in Canada while Bruni swept up his fifth.

Hurly Burly is the complete downhill mountain bike annual, one of the best mountain bike books available. It makes the perfect Christmas present for mountain bikers!

Hurly Burly DH Book 2019 — the making of

Here’s the rough process that goes into making our downhill World Cup and Championships yearbook, Hurly Burly, based on our 2019 experience:

  • May: Production team gets together, looks back at last year’s DH book and decides what’s going to change for the new book, amidst a constant flow of cake
  • July: Chris, Ben, James and Morgane head to Les Gets DH World Cup, meet up with photographers Sven, Boris and Seb (find them in various bushes, waiting to take the best shots of the race) and some of the book’s contributors. Ben and Chris succumb to Les Gets party fever
  • August: James, Ben and Victor meet up at Misspent Summers HQ in the Alps for initial photos selections, production planning, tea-drinking, badminton, cake eating, trials bike riding
  • September: Victor, James and Ben head to Eurobike to show off the 2018 book to the industry while camping in a damp car park that some drunk guys let them in by wrenching the barrier open
  • September, part 2: James and Ben meet in Finale Ligure, eat lots of pesto and pasta, follow the Trophy of Nations enduro race and spend many days going through the season’s photos (which Ben and Victor have already selected down from an initial 15,000+), arranging them into order per round and sending PDFs to Chris to start rough designing
  • October: James, Ben, Victor, John Parkin, Andy Lloyd head to Chris and Harriet’s office in Monmouth, Wales, for a week of final photo placing, design, image captioning, pubs, cafés, cake, visits from Mike Rose and more cake
  • October, part 2: Team works remotely on the downhill book, going through race rounds, features, results etc. from the World Cups and Champs and making sure there aren’t too many errors (there will still be plenty, that’s the beauty of print, innit?). Various snacks consumed
  • October, part 3: Enormous amount of money paid to the printer in West Wales, the book goes to print, Hurly Burly is on-sale for pre-order by our newsletter subscribers
  • November: Hurly Burly downhill book 2019 goes on-sale and starts shipping! Celebratory cakes are eaten

Best Mountain Bike Present: DH World Cup Book

Looking for the best present to give a mountain biker? Perhaps you need a Christmas gift for a rider that costs less than €$£20? This mountain bike book, which covers the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup and Championships season, is a perfect choice.

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Hurly Burly is a complete account of the 2019 UCI downhill season.

In 2019 the UCI Downhill World Cup and Championships went back to some of the sport’s most revered venues. Varied courses and conditions made for a classic season of racing that saw the sport’s current powerhouses come out victorious.

From early-season Slovenia to a dramatic final in the USA and every race in-between, this book covers the highs, lows and most important stories of the season.

Downhill Mountain Bike Book 2019 — What’s Inside

Here is the contents of the 2019 UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup and Championships yearbook:




World Cups

Fort William
Les Gets
Val di Sole

World Champs



Modern Posturing
Magic Numbers
Wyn’s Privates
Smoking Them
The Long Wait
Love of the Fight
Wait a Second


Fort William
Les Gets
Val di Sole

Publisher-editor: James McKnight
Publisher-editor: Ben Winder
Editor: Victor Lucas
Design: Jones Design Create
Consultants: John Parkin, Mike Rose, Andy Lloyd
Proofing: Dave Johnson
Research: Morgane Charre

Key Photographic Contributions: Sven Martin, Boris Beyer, Sebastian Schieck

Features: Ric McLaughlin, Chris Kilmurray, Alan Milway, Victor Lucas, Ben Winder, James McKnight, John Parkin, Eliot Jackson, Aaron Bartlett, John Lawlor, Pete Scullion, Anna Buick

Anatomy of a Track: Chris Kilmurray, Point1 Athletic Development
Data Check: Eliot Jackson, World Cup Stats

Many thanks to all our contributors, advertisers and readers for your efforts and support.

Published by Misspent Summers

Printed by Cambrian Printers

Downhill and Enduro Yearbooks 2019

It’s pretty amazing to think that we are currently working on the fourth edition of Hurly Burly — the downhill yearbook — with The World Stage 3 simultaneously in production.

When we started producing these annual roundups of the UCI DH World Cup and Enduro World Series, it was through passion for the sport and the desire to have a permanent record of each season of racing. Everything about every race in one place.

We’ve come a long way since 2016 when we began making these books — and we’ve produced plenty of other publications in that time — and now in 2019 our team of contributors and the production crew are bigger and stronger than ever.

Stay tuned for Hurly Burly 4, the 2019 downhill yearbook, out late October; and The World Stage 3 Enduro World Series yearbook, out late November. Two real treats just in time for Christmas.

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DH 2019 World Cup Finals Snowshoe – Results

What a race. Snowhshoe delivered. Nail biting excitement in the men’s and the women’s.

1st: Danny Hart
2nd: Amaury Pierron
3rd: Charlie Harrison
4th: Loic Bruni
5th: Greg Minnaar
Full Results

1st: Marine Cabirou
2nd: Myriam Nicole
3rd: Veronika Widmann
4th: Tahnee Seagrave
5th: Tracey Hannah
Full Results

Junior Men
1st: Thibaut Daprela
2nd: Luke Meier-Smith
3rd: Lucas Cruz
4th: Matthew Sterling
5th: Janosch Klaus
Full Results

Junior Women
1st: Vali Höll
2nd: Anna Newkirk
3rd: Mille Johnset
4th: Mckenna Merten

Full Results

2019 DH World Champs Results: Mont Sainte Anne

1st: Loic Bruni
2nd: Troy Brosnan
3rd: Amaury Pierron
4th: Danny Hart
5th: Greg Minnaar

Full results

1st: Myriam Nicole
2nd: Tahnee Seagrave
3rd: Marine Cabirou
4th: Tracey Hannah
5th: Emilie Siegenthaler

Full results

Junior Men’s
1st: Kye A’Hern
2nd: Antoine Vidal
3rd: Tuhoto-Ariki Pene
4th: Lucas Cruz
5th: Thibaut Daprela

Full results

Junior Women’s
1st: Vali Höll
2nd: Mille Johnset
3rd: Anna Newkirk
4th: Nastasia Gimenez
5th: Jordan Scott

Full results

Sven Martin – Downtime Podcast

Sven Martin - Downtime Podcast

Sven Martin is one of our photographers for Hurly Burly and The World Stage, but he’s more than just our photographer. Sven has been a staple in mountain biking for well over a decade, who’s helped progress the sport into new directions all the while capturing some of the most iconic images.

We’re lucky enough to work with Sven on our books, and this podcast gives you an insight his life, photography and mountain biking. Great stuff from Chris at The Downtime Podcast.