I’m sure Ebikes are marvellous fun out on the trails, loads more climbing and descending for the same calories burnt, offering a significantly increased smiles per watt. I’ve yet to take that technological leap on my bikes of choice but my pub bike has had an upgrade. Back when I used to leave the house to go to work, remember those days?, I took advantage of the amazing bike to work scheme to saddle up (should that be seat up?? Maybe not with the equestrian link?) an augmented commuter. Bloody brilliant. Now with the recent easing of pandemical restrictions in the UK, pubs are open again. I’m a fully paid-up member of this British institution, drinking can be considered a cultural pursuit here. Not quite recognised in the same way clubbing is in Berlin, aligned to museums and art galleries, but we’ll take what we can get. Now it’s a completely unsubstantiated and probably untrue fact that you can’t ‘get done’ for being pissed on a bike. Taking advantage of this and those eWatts, the local just got a bit further away, and it’s amazing how much faster you can ride up a hill after a few pints. All I need now is some clip-on stabilisers and that’s the summer evenings sorted.

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