T’other weekend, I learnt summit.
A 6-year-old knows more about what a 6-year-old can do. Parental nerves and insecurities shouldn’t be a limit to progression. Older kids are a good influence on younger kids.
Context: Riding at Farmer John’s bike park, a two wheeled Pennine paradise, with my lad and his two mates. He’d never done a drop of any size before and yet, there in the car park was a drop, flowing in to a lovely set of jumps. Staring us in the face. After a good couple of hours sessioning the lower tracks we headed back to the carpark for lunch. The lads were straight over to the drop, the oldest lad dropping straight off, way too slow but pulled for England and hit the landing sweet. I found Jules in a flood of tears, not allowed to try it. Capitulation resulted in heart wrenching anticipation for me, followed by pure joy all round as he greased the landing and continued to send it until home time. Lessons learnt.

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